The Socially Awkward specializes in helping clients distribute their message using a combination of Earned, Owned & Paid Media.


By using a comprehensive strategy that includes Instagram, Google, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Blogs and everything in between; we can create a solid foundation for your brand to grow and mature.


They call it earned media because like anything worthwhile, you gotta earn it! This type of media is  generated by anyone but the company itself.

Examples of Earned Media include:

  • Media shares & reposts

  • Mentions on blogs / other websites

  • Retweets

  • Online word of mouth (influencers)

  • Organic reviews (yelp, facebook, google)

We have the connections and the know how to expedite the long process of acquiring earned media assets!


Paid Media is any type of activity related to a company or brand that is generated by the company itself.

Examples of Paid Media include:

  • Display/banner advertising

  • Search advertising (Google AdWords)

  • Social network advertising (Facebook ads)

  • Electronic direct mail (email advertising)

We specialize in all forms of Paid Media.


Owned Media is any asset directly owned and / or controlled by the company or its agents.

Examples of Owned Media include:

  • Brand website

  • Brand blog

  • Company-owned pages / social network accounts ( Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Business, Yelp etc.)

Owned Media Management should be a top priority for any brand; The Socially Awkward can take the worry out of this time consuming process.

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