Maintaining a beautiful and informative social presence is no longer a luxury,

it is absolutely necessary. Studies have shown that an estimated 67% of consumers now use social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to seek resolution of issues. With an additional 73% of online shoppers saying that written reviews, and a brands response, influence their choice to buy. 


The Socially Awkward works with each client to custom tailor a digital marketing solution that fits their expectations as well as their budget. 



Nothing is more important to a brand's online presence than original content. Not only does this tell potential customers who you are, it provides existing consumers incentive to keep coming back.


The Socially Awkward has the means to create custom tailored content on a daily basis; delivering your brand message to consumers and increasing your bottom line.



Using our signature distribution method, we provide brands with an opportunity to grow their active user base more effectively than they ever thought possible.


In addition to traditional methods,

The Socially Awkward specializes in linking brands with high volume Social Influencers that can reach hundreds of thousands of targeted consumers instantly.

We have the ability to schedule social posts up to 6 months in advance; viewable in a customizable social media calender.



Think of each social network as its own cocktail party, packed with a unique set of guests. If you stand against a wall with a frown on your face, no one will want to be your friend... No matter how pretty your dress is.


Thats where we step in. 


Using our signature consumer targeting techniques, we have the ability to reach out to potentially hundreds of people a day; exposing them to a thoughtful brand with super cool content ;) 



From less than stellar reviews, to negative social engagement, even personal vendettas; The Socially Awkward has seen it all, and has the means to handle each issue on a case to case basis.

Your social / digital presence is your brand's face to the world and you can trust us to make sure the world sees it your way!

We solve problems on the following networks every day:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Tumblr

  • Yelp

  • Google Business

  • Bing

  • Yahoo

  • Snapchat

  • As well as countless travel and review sites.

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